Portela de Sacavém - Group D Presentation

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  1. Responding to the demographic problems of Portela (aging population and endogenic neighbourhoods) this scheme addresses the possibility of an extended family inhabiting one whole floor of part of a block, reconfiguring the kitchen and maid’s rooms to create a flexible space for family use and opening up the enclosed balconies. Interesting use of the FABLAB system as a movable, dividing screen and good options also explored for its modular division and usage in this shared family space. A minimal intervention (as in no other rooms are reconfigured) but one that makes a significant change to the possibilities of different age groups living here. Questions that arise are:
    • Why is it only for families?
    • Is the extended family model popular in Portugal?
    • Could the common space be used by shared by non-family neighbours (maybe as an external amenity space) and if so how does this affect the internal layouts?
    • Could the new communal space relate better to the living spaces of the apartments? This would mean moving the kitchen though. There is a very odd transition space between the new communal space and the left hand side living space.
    • Could the two rooms on the other side of the circulation space also be adaptable? This would allow for one apartment to diminish in size and for the other one to grow?