PATTERNS OF IMPROVEMENT : Proposal - Case Study 3

Case Study 3 -  Possibility of patio 's  common space expansion to the public 


  1. This particular group points out that common space usage diversifies regarding different age groups/profiles. Infrastructure necessities are tackled respectively. This has been a very interesting presentation in order to comprehend the crucial elements in the neighbourhood. Displaying patterns of plans is a pretty good idea to enrich the presentation; where the interventions are displayed clearly and case studies are projected explicitly. Different units are proposed for different case studies. Amazing sketches and work of interventions have been enhanced. It is very positive that the presentation has covered the phases from the analysis of the neighbourhood to the fabrication of the prototype gradually; macro to micro scale.

  2. I agree with the comments. The order of the exhibition is very clear. The offer to create a common space taking advantage of an emptiness and the central space is very suggestive. The utilization of the modules to create this space of garden is very suitable, not being so pertinent the use of the modules inside one of the houses.

  3. Adriana Diaconu6 August 2014 at 07:36

    This is the only group working on Liberdad area that has thought about their intervention on different levels - from answering very specific needs of one or several inhabitants to the implications on the collective space and to the public space of the street. Furthermore, it would have been interesting to sketch the impact of their proposal on the image, atmosphere and potential of the street.