Practices and manuals recommended by António Brito Guterres (Dinâmia’CET –IUL/ ISCTE-IUL) and Sérgio Oliveira (Aga Khan Foundation) on Participative processes and generative research:

 1 - HACKABLE CITIES: A TOOLKIT FOR RE-IMAGINING YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD (Creating a strong identity + Strong Community)
2 - TACTICAL URBANISM (they do manuals, conferences about street level/neighborhood level transformations in a do it your self way)
3 - CIUDAD EMERGENTE - is a group that provides and do citizenship urbanism. In their site you found a lot of ideas and tool (Herramientas);
4 - Catalytic Communities is a Rio based organization wich aims to improve the quality of life in Favelas. Here you can find a community organizing toolbox: Mapping & City as Play:
5 - I also have shared experiences with these Detroit collective, a joint venture between community leader, architects, designers and university:, some ideas at the site.
6 - An interesting document from Rio de Janeiro. Due to the risk of eviction of Vila Autodromo (one of the most oldest favelas); the population did their own popular development plan:
7 - PLANNING AS IF PEOPLE MATTER (maybe a not so good title but:) American communities are changing fast: ethnic minority populations are growing, home ownership is falling, the number of people per household is going up, and salaries are going down. According to Marc Brenman and Thomas W. Sanchez, the planning field is largely unprepared for these fundamental shifts. If planners are going to adequately serve residents of diverse ages, races, and income levels, they need to address basic issues of equity. Planning as if People Matter offers practical solutions to make our communities more livable and more equitable for all residents.

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